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English manual GT06 Tracker

Note: the three lights must be stable lighting on represent device can work normally. All lights will turn off after 5 minutes, if you call the device number, lights will wake up.
5 Wires connection
5.1 device power wire connection as below:

5.1.1 Red wire connects to vehicle power positive +

5.1.2 Black wire connects to vehicle power negative —

5.1.3 Yellow wire connects to oil pump or circuit control wires

5.1.4 Green wire connects to ACC wire

5.2 Device wiring diagram

6 Device Parameter Settings
Send SMS “#begin#” to the tracker, it will reply “begin ok” and initialize all the settings. (Default password: 123456). Remark: initialization is resetting all the parameters to factory defaults.
For example, send SMS “#begin#”, If succeeded, it will reply“begin ok”.
6.2Set password
6.2.1Set Password: Send SMS: “#password#old password#new password#” to the unit to change the password.
For Example, send SMS: “#password#123456#666888#” to device, it will reply SMS: “password OK”.
6.2.2Make sure the new password is in 6 digits arabic numbers, or the device cannot recognize the password.
6.2.3 Resume original password: send SMS:“#resume#” to the device, it will reply SMS: “resume password, password is 123456”.
6.3.1Set authorization: send SMS “#admin#password#cell phone number#” to set up authorized number, device will reply “admin ok”.
6.3.3Delete authorization send SMS “#noadmin#password#authorized number#” to delete the authorized number, device will reply “no admin ok”.
6.4Single Locating
6.4.1If there is no authorized number, any number dials up the device number, it will report tracking message; if already set authorized number, then it will not respond when an unauthorized number calls it.
6.4.2Dialing tracking:make a call to device number, it will hang up and reply a real-time tracking message.
6.4.3SMS tracking:send SMS“#smslink#123456#”, it will reply a real-time tracking message.
Note: when GPS signal is weak, you will receive the last location when GPS is available. If it is different with its exact current location, pay attention to check the time included in the SMS.
6.5Get geographical location
6.5.1 Must set the SIM Card APN parameter firstly before using this function, if there is APN user name and password, Please refer to point 6.13 to set.
6.5.2 Send SMS: “DW” to device, it will reply current location info: around 118m, jianhui rd, bao’an district, Shenzhen, China.
Note: this function may not work in some certain area.
6.6Auto continuous track
6.6.1Limited times auto track: Send SMS“#at#30#sum#15#”to the device, it will reply the tracking message at 30s intervals for 15 times. ( default “s”:second).

6.6.2 Unlimited time auto track: Send SMS “#at#30#sum#0#” to the device. Remark: device must be connected to tracking software.

6.6.3 Cancellation: Send SMS “#noat#password#” to the device.
6.7 Voice Surveillance & Two-way calling

It need connect external microphone, two-way calling function is optional.

6.7.1 Device has 3 mode to switch, the default mode is “tracker” mode (Tracking status).

6.7.2. Send SMS “#monitor#password#” to the device, and it will reply “monitor ok!” and switch to “monitor” mode. Then use mobile phone to dial the device number, it will get though and enter voice listening function.

6.7.3. Send SMS “#tracker#password#” to the device, it will reply “tracker ok!” and restore to “track” mode.

6.7.4. Send SMS “#call#password#” to the device, it will reply “call ok!”. Then use mobile phone to dial the device number, device speaker will ring, press the SOS button to receive the call so that it can realize two-way talking function.

6.8 Geo-fence

Set up geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movement within a district. The device will send message to the authorized number automatically when it exceed the district.

6.8.1 When the unit stays immobile in a place, send SMS: “#stockade#password#semidiameter#” to unit to set the restricted district.

For example, send SMS: “#stockade#123456#3#”, “3” represents 300 meters.

In case of breach, it will send SMS “stockade!+Geo-info” to the authorized number.

6.8.2 Cancel: Send SMS: “#nostockade#password#” to deactivate this function, it will reply “no stockade ok”.

6.9Overspeed alarm

6.9.1 Set up: Send SMS:“#speed#password#speed number in 3 digits#” to the device (suppose the speed is 80km/h), EG, send SMS “#speed#123456#080#”, and it will reply “speed ok ”. When the car moves exceeding 80 km/h, the unit will send SMS alert “speed alarm” to the authorized number.

6.9.2 Cancel: send SMS “#nospeed#password#” to deactivate the overspeed alarm.It will reply “cancel speed ok”.

6.10 ACC ON alarm

6.10.1 Send SMS»#ACC#ON#» to device to start illegal start alarm function, when vehicle ignition on, device will reply «ACC!! +IMEI number+Long&Lat» to the


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