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In Uman will be open Light and Music Fountain Pearl of Love — spectacular fountain with light and laser show and water screen for 3D mapping. The name of the fountain «Pearl of Love» came from last year opening show when on aquatic fountain screen of 200 square meters was broadcast an animated film about the love of a boy and girl who managed to save their feelings in spite of all obstacles and difficulties. «Pearl of Love» is their child so named the fountain in Uman. The fountain consist of two parts — the main fountain complex with a pool and a floating fountain in Ostashevske Lake. The height of the jet of floating fountain on Ostashevske Lake is 19 meters and the static — about two meters. Opening of the fountain and a unique evening show will take place at 21:00. The work of the fountain in Uman is in a tourism season — from early May to late October. Organizers of Light and Music Fountain Pearl of Love in Uman.